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Network Solutions

The ability to communicate is essential to everyday living. But in the business world, it is crucial. A proper communications network needs to provide its users with fast, reliable, and secure transmissions whether by voice or data. Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. understands this need and has identified the following critical areas:

The network must be reliable

You can't communicate effectively if every time you try to call someone or send them an email, the network is down. That's why Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. utilizes materials from the leaders in voice & data networking to ensure that your information is going to move seamlessly from one location to another.

By employing emerging technologies and keeping pace with technical training, Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. is able to build a communications network that is manageable and fault-tolerant. With Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. highly qualified engineers building and maintaining your network, you can rest assured that information will be moving along smoothly.

Before and After pic of proper wiring.

The network must be able to expand

You've built your business and you've struggled with the costs of building an infrastructure and it's beginning to pay off. You're growing and expanding and bringing on new employees and locations. But, how can you grow your business if your network can't grow with you?

Nothing is more disturbing to a business than knowing you spent a lot of time and resources on your current network only to realize that it must replaced because it cannot accommodate your expansion. Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. approaches every network design with that thought in mind. When we engineer a network, we work with you to determine your growth potential and then develop a solution that will provide you with the options that you need to grow your business without taking a huge toll on your finances.

The network must be fast

Time is money and time wasted is money wasted. You can't afford to wait to connect to your supplier's website or to send that email with the "big" contract or that important presentation before the deadline runs out. And nothing is more frustrating than a slow network that prevents you from being efficient.

There is more to making a network run at its peak performance than just wire speed alone. The type of hardware used, the protocols that are employed and the software to make it happen all must work together seamlessly and be optimally configured.

Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. has the technology and the expertise to configure your network so that it is as fast as it can possibly be, and fits within your budget. Our sales staff is committed to providing you with the highest quality products you can afford, with the confidence of knowing that our industry trained technicians and engineers will be able to deploy that solution.

The network must be secure

Security is paramount and, in this day and age, more so than ever. You need the peace of mind of knowing that your information is moving along pathways that are not accessible to prying eyes. Hackers are everywhere and everyone is susceptible to attack whether by deliberate attempts at network penetration or by delivery of a damaging virus. In either case, your network must be prepared.

Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus filters, proxy servers, filtering, access control, and encryption are some of the technologies that Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. has experience with that can make your network secure. Don't take chances with your valuable data. Let Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. work with you in developing a security strategy that best protects your investments and interests.

The network must be versatile

The world is a rapidly changing place and technology must be able to keep up with those changes. Your network shouldn't be any different. As new innovations become available you need to be able to incorporate them into your existing network infrastructure. Your network must also be versatile enough to change as your company changes.

If you need a VPN to tie into a remote site or if you need a wireless network for your sales force, let Odum Tele-Communications, Inc.' vast pool of experience work for you. Don't trust your corporate decisions to companies that do not specialize in providing these types of solutions.

Experience counts

The Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. sales and engineering force has a long history of providing customized solutions to even the most complex applications. From local area networks to wide area networks, from wireless networks to virtual private networks, from peer-to-peer networks to client-server networks including but not limited to Microsoft and VMWare, or from data networks to voice networks and anywhere in between, Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. is highly trained and motivated to design and deploy a custom tailored solution to fit your needs. Our engineers are qualified to work with quality manufacturers such as Cisco, 3Com, and Adtran as well as hundreds of others.

It doesn't matter what you have now or what you're planning to implement, whatever the technology is, Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. has the knowledge to make it work for you.

Contact an Odum Tele-Communications, Inc. sales representative and schedule a free site or needs analysis today!

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